How to Win Back Customers

There are a lot of reasons to work to keep your customers. Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend, on average, 31% more than new customers. But what happens when you’ve lost a customer? Winning a customer back can be a challenge, but with a little work you could win back their business and learn more about how you can improve your business even more.

1. Figure Out If The Customer Is Worth Winning Back
It’s a hard truth, but not every customer is going to be someone who benefits your business. Maybe they were difficult to work with. Maybe they were looking primarily for products you don’t have a source for. And maybe they’re simply unlikely to come back even if you dedicate those resources to them. It can be a hard decision to make. However, just like focusing your marketing efforts is a good way to ensure that you attract the customers who will best benefit your business, focusing on the best customers can help ensure that the customers you win back are a real prize for your business.

2. Ask Them Why
Why did your customer leave? It can be a hard question to actually ask, but asking why they left can be the key to getting them back. Ask them for an exit interview, send them a survey, or simply give them a phone call to discuss why. No matter what the reason, ask several questions to figure out where you have room to improve.

And even if your customer doesn’t come back, you will have information that you can use to bring back another customer who may be thinking of leaving.

3. Take Responsibility
We all make mistakes—if you made a mistake to lose your customer, take responsibility and ask what you can do to make it right. That means that you fix what went wrong with no requirement for them to do business with you again. It might not work, but showing that you’re willing to go above and beyond to make it right could be enough to bring them back. Even if they don’t, that last positive experience could still be enough to keep your reviews positive or even build word of mouth promotions with other customers.

4. Take Baby Steps
It might take you a long time to win back your client’s business completely, so take small steps. Get your foot in the door and try to secure a smaller, one-off project, then work hard to wow them with that small project. You can use one order as a foundation for winning them back.

5. Stay Calm
It can be easy to become emotional about a client leaving, especially if they’re a long-term customer. Keep your emotions in check while talking to them, though, because getting too emotional could come through in the way you talk to your customer. Consider making a plan before you contact your customer so that you won’t make a snap decision based on your emotional response.